A summer ready vehicle demands attention!

Soon, extremely high temperatures would be the new normal, this will last for at least some months. High temperatures during the summer season have the potential to cause damage to crucial parts and areas of a car which can be the cause of a breakdown. Similar to any of the other machines, a car deserves maintenance sessions from time to time too. Here are a few summer tips for cars listed down to help you safeguard your prized possession making it ready for the heat:

Cooling System

This is the most significant tip for the heart of a car. A cooling system acts like a shield that prevents overheating of the machine. Complete replacement of the engine coolant liquid should be done every 2 years. Adding a mix of water along with antifreeze in a ratio of 1:1 is generally recommended. Radiator cap is to be opened cautiously and only once the engine completely cools off.

Air conditioning

During the summer season, nothing compares to the pleasure of turning on the AC in a car. However, even though it is a comfort factor, it demands maintenance regularly. Getting the system for air conditioning inspected by any qualified technician regularly is always highly recommended.

Engine Performance

The car’s engine performance depends upon various filters within the system including air filter, PCV, oil filter etc. Replacing such filters depending on the driving conditions is recommended. Dusty driving needs more frequent replacements. Spring and winter months usually show more debris and dust accumulation. A good idea would be changing the filters right before the summers start.


Build-up of heat on the surface of tyre is aggravated due to hot weather weakening the structural integrity.  Wheel alignments are recommended every time you complete a 8000km run. Check the pressure before each drive in case the tyres get cold


Maintaining braking systems is equally important as engine maintenance in the vehicle. High levels of heat are the main reason for brake fade or wear-out of pad.


Battery is considered a crucial aspect of a car’s mechanism. Excess heat may cause a 33% more chance of the battery dying and exponentially speed up corrosion rate. Inspect connections and wires; scrape away bits due to corrosion and check fluid levels every month.

Windshield Wipers

Replace windshield washer under the hood from time to time. It is compulsory to keep a watch on the condition of the wiper blade. Immediate replacement in case of inspection of corrosion is to be done.


All light bulbs should be inspected regularly for any burned out bulb and immediately replaced. Lens cover of headlamps is highly susceptible to damage induced by UV rays during the summers.

Engine Oil

Engine oil is a lubricant to many crucial parts. In the summer season, the engine operates at a higher temperature and this may cause oil to easily lose viscosity. Replacing engine oils regularly according to recommendations of the cars user manual and an elevated viscosity grade oil is advisable.

Emergency Situations

Carrying a basic kit for first aid, flares and flashlights at all times when driving is a great precautionary measure. You can also take help of an online car insurance calculator to calculate your premium before buying an insurance from the comfort of your home.

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