Full Guide about Tile Sealers

Many people use natural stones and decorative concrete pavers to give the exterior of their house a great look. However, along with other building materials, tiles, stones or concrete are also prone to get staining due to man-made or natural contamination. Nowadays, there is a wide range of stain proof sealers in the markets that along with surface treatment are able to protect the pavers against staining. They also work towards enhancing the appearance of the house as they are available in various colors also. In order to make the surfaces long-lasting, the most important last step while installing tiles is to protect them with sealers.

Here are a few things that can help you in selecting the right sealer for your requirement:

Types of Sealers: Sealers come in two major categories – 1. Surface and 2. Penetrating. Each of the sealers plays a specific role for different tiles. In order to get excellent results, you need to select the sealer very carefully. The use of penetrating sealant for porous tiles can give excellent results. These sealers penetrate into tiles and grout lines protecting them against stains while the look of the surface remains the same. Surface sealers spread uniformly on the tiled surface and they not only offer thorough protection but also provide shine to the floor. You can call them tile enhancers also.

Tile Material Counts: You should select sealer according to the material of your tiles. Although ceramic tiles or glazed tiles inside the house, on roads experiencing high traffic, and in restaurants do not require sealants it will prove a thoughtful idea if a little amount of penetrating sealer is used to make these tiles stay longer. But on the other hand, sealants are a must when you install unglazed tiles. In order to give long life to unglazed-porcelain tiles and natural stones, the penetrating sealer must be applied before grouting is started. It is also an important thing to remember that decorative or handmade tiles need a good quantity of surface or penetrating sealer to stay longer.

Various Application Methods: The application methods of sealers can be different when using them on tiles or grout. So, you must know the application method before you buy tiles. Some sealers may require more time to apply and get dry. This will depend on how much time you can give to tile fixing. Also, you are laying a new floor or just want to change the surface of your house or office.

DIY or Hiring Professionals: Although tile installation is not a DIY project for many out there, you must keep all these things in mind while selecting a sealer for your surfaces. If you want the help of an expert, you need to hire a contractor who is able to determine the best sealing methods for all types of tiles. Many house owners forget the importance of sealed grout.

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