7 Breathtaking Places In Europe To Visit With Your Friends

Known for its spectacular beauty and generous hospitality, Europe is undoubtedly the most-visited continent of the world. European countries are immensely popular for their architecture, museums, cuisines, beaches, and nightlife. So, if you are planning a fun-filled adventure trip with your friends, you may not want to miss the best and most magnificent places in Europe.

1.     Bruges, Belgium

Situated in Western Europe, Bruges is famous for its medieval buildings, canals, museums, food, and crafts. It is one of the most well-preserved capital cities and hence, reflects the traditional culture of Belgium. Bruges is often called ‘Venice of the North’ and used to be a prominent trade centre in its golden age. Due to its large number of castles, the city carries a fairy-tale look and enchants foreigners from all parts of the world.

2.     Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a historic city sprawling with incredible museums, halls, restaurants, and spas. It is one of the most affordable cities to travel and explore. Budapest is generally always included in European travel packages offered by common booking sites. So, you can cover up your entire tour expenses with a personal loan in one go.

3.     Paris, France

No Europe tour is complete without visiting Paris, the city of love and lights. The capital of France has it all – art, culture, food, history, beauty, and stunning night views. Paris houses the iconic Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame cathedral, Disneyland, and numerous other fascinating sites. Owing to the huge popularity of Paris, France is undeniably the topmost tourist destination with the highest number of foreign visitors.

4.     Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is ranked as the most attractive city in the UK. Along with a vast hilly landscape and captivating greenery, the city gives a significant glimpse into the Scottish lifestyle and culture. Edinburgh hosts some of the most incredible summer festivals and similar events.

5.     Madrid, Spain

A perfect place for art lovers, Madrid is home to over 2000 monuments with historical and modern infrastructure. The capital of Spain is also renowned for its food and drinks. The museums of Madrid possess the wealthiest collection of European art and paintings. Considering its stupendous ambience, a visit to the city can turn out to be the most memorable experience of your life.

6.     Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Greek island with widely diverse beaches and a rugged landscape. The island remarkably stands out with its whitewashed cubical buildings overlooking the blue seas and cliffs. Due to the volcanic origin of Santorini, it is sparsely populated yet is still known as ‘heaven on the earth’.

7.     Rome, Italy

Rome, the capital city of Italy, boasts of relics from the ancient world’s largest empires. Located in the centre of Italy, the city is the most populated and highly flourishing part of the country. Rome is an abode to well-known historic sites like the Colosseum, Vatican City, The Pantheon, and several others.

Apart from the places mentioned above, there are several other amazing sites to visit in Europe. More than 400 UNESCO World Heritage sites are present across the continent.

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