Considerations When Moving Your Family To Bangkok

When you move to a city like Bangkok from abroad, there are a lot of things that need to be sorted out in advance. The more that you can do before you arrive, the easier the transition will be and the quicker you and your family can settle into your new lives. If you and your family are going to be moving to Bangkok soon, here are some factors to consider which you can work on in advance of arriving in the Land of Smiles.


In an ideal world, both you and your partner will have found employment before moving to Bangkok, which makes things much more manageable. There are plenty of occupations that are available to foreign nationals, although some professions are reserved for only Thai people. When you have a job arranged, and you know where you will be working, it is also easier to sort out other aspects of your move.


There is a glut of accommodation available in Bangkok, no matter whether you are looking for a house or a condo, so finding the perfect accommodation can be simple. You will want to choose somewhere to live that is not too far away from where you are working, as travelling during rush hour in Bangkok can be a slow-moving frustration. You can use the services of a property agent who will get paid by the landlord when they find a tenant for their property and is an excellent way to simplify the process of finding somewhere to live.


You will also need to consider the schooling for your children, and many options are available to you when you move to Bangkok with children. You can choose a Bangkok international school that is close to where you live, which will make it easier for your children to travel to and from school each day. The international schools in Bangkok follow a variety of different curriculums, so you should be able to find something suitable when you look around.


Another consideration that you will need to factor in is transport, and you can either use public transport to get around the city, such as the BTS and MRT systems or purchase a vehicle. Motorbikes are a common sight in Bangkok, but they are not fun to drive when it is raining, so if you are going to purchase a vehicle, you may wish to consider a car. If you do live close to public transport and you do not have too far to travel for work and school, you can even get away with not having any transportation at all.