What to Look for in an Apartment Complex

The Top Five Things to Consider When Apartment Hunting

When it comes to apartment shopping, there are plenty of things to consider to ensure that your new place is the perfect fit for you and your living situation. After all, an apartment isn’t just a place where you put your stuff and lay your head at night. It’s part of your daily commute and where you and your friends may potentially get together on weekends. So let’s talk about the top five things to consider when looking for a new apartment.

#1 – Location 

When you look for an apartment, you have to ask yourself if this new residence is going to be close to the places that you frequent. How much of a commute are you going to have between home and work? Is it close to the grocery store? How far away is it from your favorite restaurants and bars? You get the picture. Ideally, you want your new place to be centrally located to all your favorite spots so you don’t burn a ton on gas money commuting. When it comes to apartment shopping, location is everything.

#2 – Cost

If the rent on your apartment is high, it’s not going to leave you with very much disposable income for things like groceries, bills, and the occasional night out. When shopping for an apartment, make sure it’s within your price range. A good rule of thumb to follow is that your rent shouldn’t exceed more than 30% of your monthly income. When shopping for apartments, always make sure to set the cost filter within an affordable range so you don’t wind up overextending yourself.

#3 – Floor Plan

If you’re apartment hunting, chances are that you already have a couch, dining room table, and plenty of other furniture ready to be moved into it. One thing that can put a major snag in your plans is picking out a floor plan that doesn’t quite accommodate all your stuff. When shopping for apartments, make sure the floorplan and square footage are going to be enough to hold all your major pieces such as your bed and couch. The last thing you want is to arrive at moving day and have a space issue.

#4 – Amenities

Amenities are what can elevate a good apartment to being great. They can also save you a ton of money on services that you’re currently getting through a third party. If your apartment has a gym, tanning salon, and swimming pool, then that means you no longer have to buy separate memberships for those things because they’re included with your rent. A nice long list of amenities can justify paying a little bit higher rent prices because they bring residents so much additional value.

#5 – Condition

Checking the condition of the apartment is why walkthroughs are so important. Pictures posted online can only tell you so much. In order to get a firsthand look at your new place and its true condition, schedule a walkthrough so that you can assess everything yourself. This gives you an opportunity to check the paint, fixtures, ceiling fans, and other attributes of the apartment. Never move into a place sight unseen.

Start Searching for Your New Apartment Today!

If you are looking for apartments for rent, fortunately, there are a ton for lease in your local area. Apartments in Kansas City are widely available and they have some of the most reasonable cost of living rates in the entire country. Start shopping using our top five attributes to find your perfect place.