Why is the digital marketing industry growing so fast?

Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing and it is a way of increasing awareness and promotion of a product or service in the marketplace with the help of the internet. Digital marketing includes many types of marketing such as content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per clicks and online advertisements, digital PR, e-mail marketing and room for more as new services and platforms arise.

One of the many reasons why digital marketing has gained popularity is because of the integration of the internet in our daily lives. The popularity of social media, email, blogs, and video platforms like YouTube are being employed to bridge the gap between products and customers, with the help of these tools businesses can target audiences much more easily than traditional marketing ways. As a result, all businesses have shifted their attention to online marketing by making their digital presence through websites and online stores. They use social media, emails, and YouTube to take their marketing of service to another level.

Here are some other reasons why the digital industry is growing so fast.

Real-Time Data

One of the disadvantages of traditional marketing (billboards, television, and newspaper ads to name a few) was that you had no real-time data of your reach in audiences. With digital marketing, that is not the case. Digital marketing allows you to track your marketing with the help of analytics that shows insights such as your audience reach, targeted audience age group, and all the relevant data that can be taken advantage of for growing your business.


Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing. A pay-per-click system would cost you one-third less than the cost of printing flyers and brochures and distributing them. Not only is digital marketing affordable but also effective. In the past, there was no solid way of knowing the impact and influence of your marketing mediums, the only indicator was sales. With digital marketing, you get many other types of indicators that can be harnessed to make your marketing more effective.

Higher Customer Interaction

Another reason where digital marketing triumphs over traditional marketing is engagement. In traditional marketing, the engagement of customers with the business was indirect but digital marketing bridges that gap. Now businesses can interact with their customers directly and build a loyal fanbase for their products through social media and email.

Wide Reach

Even a local small size business can break out of the restrictions and limitations of their geography with digital marketing, something which was not possible with traditional methods of marketing. Local businesses with the help of digital marketing can expand their reach and find new markets for their products and services.

The rise of digital marketing has declined the popularity of traditional marketing. The traditional ways of marketing still exist in some way or another such as television ads but the businesses prefer digital marketing and digital tools more for increasing their brand awareness and promotion of their products and services.