The Types of Business Signage Solutions You Need To Consider For Your Business.

Signage is a critical part of any business: it is often the first interaction customers have with your brand so it matters! Signage helps businesses to achieve objectives such as; raise awareness, attract new customers or help staff better understand how to serve customers. Signage makes up more than half of all advertising spend and has been proven to be effective in helping businesses increase sales and grow their customer base.


Business signage solutions can get really complicated but it doesn’t have  to be that way. We deal with hundreds of clients every month that want a complete solution for their business including external (vehicle) signs, interior displays and marketing collateral.

Here are some of the different types of business signage that you could consider for your business

Retail Signage

As a retail business owner, you know that the first impression of your store is what determines whether customers keep coming back. This means it’s essential to have attractive signage for new and current visitors alike. Our experienced team will design unique signs tailored specifically to fit your needs so people can’t help but feel confident in their experience with you!

Illuminated Signage

From necessary signs like “no smoking” or the iconic Coca-Cola logo, to lettered mirrors and lightboxes that are perfect for creating a scene of enchantment in your restaurant’s lobby. NGS Group can create custom designs tailored to any type of business need with their large selection of signage products.

Point of Sale Signage

Point of sale signage or point of sale displays are a type of in-store marketing strategy that is used to promote products. POS signs have been found to be effective for displaying convenience goods near transaction points such as cash registers and checkout lines, which means they’re most often seen at grocery stores, drugstores and other retail outlets with high traffic.

Vehicle Signage & Wraps

Imagine how many times people see your brand throughout the day. Vehicle signage is one of the highest forms of advertising because it can reach so many people and as a company, you need to be mobile with all means possible in order to get exposure for your product or service while traveling! This form of advertising is great because it can be seen on the road and in parking lots where other ads might not have as much exposure to potential customers. Vehicle signs are also good for moving billboards that always get eyes upon them wherever they go!

– Display & Directional Signage

Do you have a retail or restaurant location and need the most out of your signage? These types of displays help businesses increase sales, improve conversion rates, create unique new products, and more. Signage is an amazing way to advertise for