What to Do If Your Business Falls Through

Your business falling through can be a scary process. Here at We Buy Any House, we have provided the right information to help you through this daunting time.

What is Company Bankruptcy?

Correctly used, the term ‘company bankruptcy’ is used to refer to those who can no longer afford to pay any money owed or company debts. When a company goes into bankruptcy, the company can become insolvent- which is either when a company can’t pay its bills, or the company ends up in a position where the liabilities begin to outweigh the assets.

What to Do if This Happens to You?

Don’t Begin to Blame Yourself:

When you experience failure in something such as a project or business venture, it can instantly create feelings of self-doubt and regret. In the world of business, unfortunately things can fall through in an instant and deals can go sour- however, it’s important that you don’t begin to blame yourself and spiral into a fleet of sadness and begin to give up on your business plans. Don’t indulge in too much regret and realise that there is an alternative to what you are doing.

Look to Rectify the Issue:

If your business has failed or fallen through, then the chances are that you have an issue that has caused this. Therefore, it’s vital that you begin to find the issue that has caused your business to go under- from a realistic and factual perspective. By doing this, you will be able to re-evaluate your business model and begin repreparing your financials, team, advisors and have an overall rehaul of your business before you relaunch.

Don’t Think That You Have to Start From “Square One” Again:

Although your business venture may have come to an end, the way you perceive the situation is very important. You may have to start your business again, but it’s important to not assume that you have to start from “square-one” all over again. This is more often than not, not the case. All the knowledge and experience you have gathered previously will be useful and can be applied to future ventures that you choose to undertake.

What to Do if Your Company Goes Bankrupt?

If your business falls through, then it’s important to cease trading immediately if you are unable to pay any owed debts and are therefore insolvent. It’s important that you don’t give anyone a salary- even yourself, and then it’s also important to make actions notes of everything you have done so far. You will need to do this to provide evidence that you are not in breach of any of your owner’s responsibilities. The following steps are down to advisors from an insolvency practitioner, who will advise you on whether you should liquidate your company or if you try and revive your business through volutary arrangements.

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