Top interior design firm in Milan

It is known worldwide that Milan is the birthplace of luxury design; Milan is not only known in the fashion world but also in interior design. Milan is basically the capital of Lombardy which has an approximate population of over 1million individuals and is also the most significant industrial city in Italy with many industrial sectors. Honestly, Milan is the focal point of designers, artists, models, and photographers when designing.

Do you want to have a presentable interior design? Then take a look at Milan Interior design firms today and know more about Italian designs.

 Below are other top interior design firms in Milan apart from Matteo Nunziati.

  1. Antonio Citterio

This firm gotten its name from its founder, Antonio was born in 1950. He is known to be an Italian architect and a furniture designer in Milan. His skills and knowledge were obtained from Politecnico di Milano. His firm has managed to produce a massive number of brands, most common being the Maxalto collection. The firm also has some elegant chairs equipped with new finishes.

  1. Marco Piva

Marco Piva is the best choice for you when it comes to Milan architecture, high-quality furniture, interior design, and product conception. The architect opened his studio in the late 80s; this was after it had led to the establishment of Studiodada Associate. Since then, the firm has been widely known for projects, mostly architectural interior design, and industrial design simultaneously.

  1. Laura Pozzi

This studio opened its door in 2003 and was created by Laura Pozzi. She has tremendous experience in photo production, set design, and interior design. By any chance you what a modern style visit this firm which is situated in Follina, Treviso, and Milan.

  1. Foscarini

This firm has been in existence for over 30 years, and it has worked with several international designers. It has been noticed that the firm concentrates on lamp development. It is situated at Brera Design District, and it’s opened to all sorts of people who may be interested to see some site-specific installation. They as well set designs created by specific artists.

  1. Stefano Giovannoni

This is a fantastic architect interior designer who was born in La Spezia. Stefano Giovannoni is currently living and working in Milan, and he is best known for his specialization in plastic products. If you need the latest design visit his workshop, he has done numerous brands, for instance, Alessi, Flat, Mooi, Nestle, Henkel, and many more.

  1. Ludovica and Roberto Palomba

They are locally known as the “golden couple of Italian design,” they managed to set their studio in Milan in 1994, one of the best Milan interior design firms. They managed to complete many projects; they also offer architectural planning and also art directors.

  1. Giulio Cappellini

Mostly referred to as a symbolic figure in the design panorama as a whole. Giulio was born in 1954 and was deeply in love with design since childhood, and his family business aided this. He went a step and furthered his skills in architecture, and he immediately dragged himself into the family business.