Three Simple Ways to Improve Your SEO Strategy

Creating a winning SEO strategy for your business is more than just trying to manipulate Google and other search engines into ranking you for the search term do you want to appear for. Gone are the days when you could carry out black hat SEO methods that would yield short term results. now more than ever, Google wants to show search results that are going to enhance the user experience and keep people coming back to their search engine in the long-term.

What many people neglect to remember is that Google is a business. Just like any business Google is doing their best provide a positive experience for their users. By delivering the best possible results for those users they are more likely to keep people coming back in the long-term.

Focus on the User

The 2021-page experience update from Google is the first major step towards creating a SEO experience that puts the user at the forefront. Well there have been many small updates over the years that have a name to eliminate shady SEO practices, the Google page experience update is the first major step that ensure was websites being shown at the top of the search engine results are ones that are delivering a positive user experience.

Target the Right Keywords

Before you start an SEO campaign do you need to understand how your users can find you. Mapping out the keywords that you want to appear for in Google search is the most effective way to ensure that you are creating an SEO campaign that is going to drive your business goals and not just meaningless traffic to your website. Work with a White Label SEO provider or an SEO company to map out the best keywords for the products or services that you are offering.

Understand Your Audience

In order to create an effective SEO campaign you need to understand how your audience is using Google search. Do some market research to look at how your competitors are attracting traffic and look at ways that you can reverse engineering to get that traffic from them.