Automate events with Signeasy


The majority of business partnerships rely on contracts being finished on time. Let’s hope the office no longer has a fax machine because it can be uncomfortable to wait for the link of a tangible signature. These outmoded procedures scarcely provide a business a chance to compete in the rapidly evolving digital market.

The signing procedure doesn’t take a long time, thanks to eSignature technologies. People only need their web browser or a smartphone app to submit a legally binding signature.

Documents drive nearly every corporate operation. There is a trail of records intended to guarantee operations go successfully, ranging from the contracts that outline customer expectations to invoices, purchase orders, and receipts.

Most documents may now be created and saved digitally, streamlining the process of information preservation and retrieval. However, a lot of businesses still use manual document workflows. Unfortunately, processing documents accurately and effectively manually faces substantial challenges.

eSignatures in complex processes

Even though many eSignature software has workflow features, they can’t handle complicated, highly customized workflows. Using Signeasy software, anyone can quickly incorporate eSignatures into highly customized workflows, using both the advantages of eSignatures and the full capabilities of an advanced Signeasy platform.

This capability has significant advantages because highly customized workflows are incredibly complex operations. The background code increases the complexity of the process. The Signeasy platforms set up a connection on top of the process to integrate eSignatures into workflows. This indicates that there is no need to alter the source code or run the danger of doing so.

Individuals can track documents automatically in intricate procedures by including eSignatures in the workflows. eSignature connectors provide the Signeasy platform access to features like automatic document tracking and audit trails, email notification, and document management. By doing so, even in complicated workflows, users may always know the status of essential documents.

Reduce manual work by automating processes between Signeasy and other preferred tools

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that Signeasy is vital to the users’ collaborative workflows. Additionally, in the spirit of cooperation, Signeasy has teamed up with other top software developers to assist the users in resolving more issues with less effort.

Partner integrations are the secret to reducing resistance between various workflow processes. With the help of the partners at Zapier, Signeasy users can now use automation to make their digital operations even more seamless.

Users can now initiate automated actions between Signeasy and the preferred tools.

For users of Google Workspace

If users request eSignatures using Google Docs, Gmail, and Drive integrations, then users are already aware of how important these platforms can be for teamwork. But what occurs when the signature is done?

The delivery of a signed document delivered to users may result in alerts. Is there anything else the user’s colleague needs to send? Is there a fee that needs to be paid? Signeasy can assist with automating the procedures that set everything in motion.

For Microsoft users

Individuals probably exchange documents with distant coworkers daily using Outlook, OneDrive, or Teams. These Microsoft technologies integrate with Signeasy whenever users require a signature to create a more collaborative eSignature process. Now, elements of that process may be automated to increase productivity.

The receipt of a signed document through Outlook, OneDrive, or Teams can act as a trigger to send out alerts to third parties or carry out follow-up tasks automatically.

Users of cloud storage

Due to the interfaces with Box and Dropbox, customers may quickly sign documents with Signeasy and store them in their preferred cloud storage. However, with the most recent improvements, this procedure is now bidirectional.

Make sure people know that a crucial document has been signed and stored on the cloud storage drive. Users may now set up alerts to go off when users receive an executed document, and the software will take care of the rest!

Before, during, and after a document is signed, Signeasy wants to make collaboration possible. Signeasy has added a brand-new aspect of automation to the integrations users already use thanks to the partnership with Zapier, reducing the number of work users have to do even further.

Integrate Signeasy with the preferred productivity and communication applications to automate critical workflow activities right now.


eSignatures should be integrated as the last step for optimal efficiency once an organization has switched to electronic document procedures. To eliminate contract uncertainty, utilize eSignature technology to trace documents throughout their entire path.

When a document’s status changes, use alerts to ensure prompt notification. To ensure that signers provide accurate and complete information, customize the eSignature fields. Any document will be authorized on the first try with eSignature integrations.

Leading eSignature platform Signeasy is one that Zapier integrates with. Get in touch with Signeasy’s professionals to integrate eSignature technology and speed up the document workflow.