Things Bike Riders Must Keep in Their Riding Kit

Irrespective of whether you are traveling a short distance or are on a long journey, it is important for you to carry certain essentials in your riding kit for times of need. It is natural for you to sometimes be in a hurry, hence forgetting to carry align certain required documents or essentials. So, it’s always best to keep a list of essentials handy in your riding kit. Let’s have a look at what you should keep in your riding kit at all times.

  1. Riding Gear

If you are planning to take a long trip that involves traveling long distances, it can prove helpful to keep your riding gear handy. In addition, carrying and wearing a helmet is mandatory by law and can help you stay safe. Even if you are riding only for a short distance, not using your riding gear such as your helmet can be unwise. Remember to avoid clothing that could potentially get tangled in the wheel or could pose any risk to you.

  1. Cash

Especially when you are riding in areas that are far from the city, it is essential to carry cash with you. It can prove helpful during cases of emergencies. It may not be a common sight to find ATMs in remote areas. So, keeping some cash in hand can help you purchase small provisions like water bottles, tea, or other refreshments. It can also help you to purchase medicines or other related products in times of need.

  1. Medical Kit

One of the most important things to carry in your riding kit is the medical kit. When it comes to road accidents, bikes are most prone to damage compared to larger and sturdier vehicles. Having a first-aid kit with you can help at all times. Ensure that you carry essentials such as antiseptic wash, bandages, cotton, pain-relief sprays, and painkillers. This kit can be helpful when a hospital is too far away and in cases where injuries do not necessarily require a hospital.

  1. Health Insurance

Carrying your health insurance can be very important in cases of emergencies. They can be extremely beneficial especially if you’re traveling a long distance. Ensure to carry a photocopy of your health insurance to be safe in cases of emergencies. In case of any mishap, this health insurance copy would help people get you the medical support you require.

  1. Bike Insurance

The importance of carrying bike insurance cannot be emphasized enough. No matter when and where you travel, carrying your bike insurance is necessary. It is a legal requirement to carry bike insurance papers at all times while riding the bike. It can help you in time where you are required to produce these documents for the traffic police.

  1. Tools

While your bike may not require any immediate service, it is always helpful to carry certain tools and spare parts in case a need arises. So, carry the essential tools that can help repair your bike in times of need.

To Summarize

Now that you have an understanding of the essentials you need to carry in your riding kit, ensure to keep them handy. If you do not already have bike insurance, you can purchase bike insurance online from Finserv MARKETS immediately. You can also use the bike insurance calculator to gauge how much insurance you can avail of and the premium and EMI that come along.