The 3 Best CBD Wholesale Programs Available

With the recent legalization of hemp, and the advancements towards CBD legalization, the cannabinoid industry is booming with business opportunities. Among them, becoming a CBD distributor offers many benefits to any entrepreneur looking to make a name in the field. But with so many wholesale programs available, and so many distributors making false promises, how can one know what to choose, and who to trust?

In familiarizing yourself with a CBD distributor or supplier, keep in mind that what is absolutely necessary is that they have a good reputation, quality products and provide all the services you need. Pricing is important as well. Any CBD distributor that’s offering rock bottom prices for their products is more than likely selling low quality products.

If you wish to introduce your customers to the exciting universe of CBD and don’t know where to start, and who to partner with, in this post we’ll have a look at the 3 best cannabidiol wholesale programs available right now.

1. Opulent Organics

Opulent Organics’s CBD wholesale program is based on the purest USA-made CBD you can find, with all of their products being tested by third-party labs to verify their potency, safety, and consistency. The products rate 0.0% THC, contain all-natural ingredients, and the finished product comes with easy to read labels and retail-ready packaging. On top of that, Opulent Organic’s customer care is top notch, as their aim is not only to sell wholesale programs, but to also help their partners grow and expand. The best part is that their program is customized for most of the main US states, so that customers can choose between CBD wholesale in Colorado or CBD wholesale in Texas to name a few.

Other than their great wholesale opportunities, Opulent Organic’s CBD Oil Affiliate Program allows those interested to benefit from marketing its line of premium, high-quality products by earning a commission for every sale made through a referral code.

2. CBD Pure

CBD Pure is a well known name in the cannabinoid industry. What differentiates them from the other brands is their use of only the purest CBD extract and organic hemp oil, and the fact that they have one of the highest affiliate commission rates on the market (40%). In addition to their great reputation and high-converting website, CBD Pure offers its partners the potential to earn tiered commissions through recruited sub-affiliates. It also uses in-house tracking and support, and boasts a 90 day cookie.

3. Joy Organics

Offering premium THC-free, CBD tinctures, emulsion softgels, gummies, lotions, salves, energy drinks, and more, Joy Organics is a relatively new name on the market, which has seen a rapid growth during the past few years. What helped them expand so fast is mostly their reputation of offering some of the highest-quality CBD products out there, at prices that everyone can afford. This made them a top choice for CBD shoppers and affiliates alike. For all their partners, Joy Organics offers instant access to their proprietary production processes, industry-leading expertise, and their world-class customer service.