Schaeffer’s Investment Research Leverages Remote Tools to Spread Investment Education

Investing money is a hard decision, especially when you don’t know much about investing. And this is exactly why Schaeffer’s Investment Research has spent the last 40 years doing market research. With such vast research and experience in investments, Schaeffer’s has become a preferred source for the best stock and trading recommendations. All recommendations are based on the latest market updates and market commentary is provided regularly.

Schaeffer’s Investment Research isn’t letting the current global pandemic hinder its primary goal which is to spread help people make smarter investment decisions by educating them on the stock market. Thanks to remote tools and applications, it’s now easier than ever before for Schaeffers to deliver valuable content in virtual settings; this is particularly of value due to social distancing mandates. Here’s a look at four ways Schaeffer’s Investment Research leverages remote tools to spread investment education.

Virtual Market News Office

Schaeffer’s Investment Research has a massive virtual market news office that you can easily access through a web browser. This virtual newsroom is a gold mine for education on investment and trading topics. It’s also here that you’ll find multiple Daily Market Newsletters, featured publications, a 5-minute market rundown, and much more. And best of all, you can visit the virtual newsroom any time you want, making it simple for you to educate yourself on investments at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Landing Pages

Another way Schaeffer’s Investment Research continues to serve its audience with investment education is through its Schaeffer’s Options 101 landing page. Anyone can visit the page whenever they like for an in-depth look at options basics and trading. This page provides content on everything from Uses of Stock Options, Entering an Options Trade, Bullish Options Strategies, and dozens of more topics. And the easy-to-read language in the content makes it all the faster to learn and put to use.

Email and Live Chat

Schaeffer’s Investment Research goes above and beyond by making sure everyone can tap into sound investment education. During business hours, Schaeffer’s gives the option to communicate through Live Chat or via phone. There’s also the option to send a message through email.

LIVE trading support

The best way Schaeffer’s Investment Research is leveraging remote tools to provide investment education is through its LIVE trading support. With LIVE support comes the ability for clients to learn the ins and out of investments firsthand from someone with a great deal of knowledge and experience.