Part-Time Weekend Holidays Job for Students

The opportunity to work over holidays is one of the main benefits of studying in Canada as a foreign student. Earning pocket money from academic breaks allows students to love their university holidays better than anything like going out with friends, purchasing tickets, buy new stuff with their friends and explore more. With a minimum wage of $14 per hour, students can make them happy by earning part-time while learning in Canada. The Arc Winnipeg has mentioned here the top 3 part-time holiday jobs for students in Canada:

Characters and Entertainers

Do you love kids and like to entertain them, this fun holiday job will be ideal for you. In this era of competition, wholesalers, retailers, and shopkeepers at malls hire some funny or cartoon characters to boost their sales on weekends.  Store sales can be highly influenced by special characters like A good Santa or Elsa from Frozen. The story doesn’t end here; you can even earn around $30 per hour as an entertainer. Just love children, be flexible, and have a strong back, and have a good sense of humor to do this job.

Warehouse and Distribution Workers

It does not seem to be the coolest task, but this job is in high demand and even the pay is relatively good. Businesses are hiring candidates for this job than ever before.  If you don’t like dealing with individuals, this will be the best sales jobs behind-the-scenes. Any of your tasks may include: collecting fees, tracking the distribution, loading and unloading items and materials, and ensuring that they are delivered securely. The hourly rate for a warehouse employee in Canada is $16 to 25 dollars an hour.


Now, this is the festival season.    Restaurants and locations are being booked. It’s normal for a margin of about 15-20 percent on the final bill before tax to be paid, less for bad service, more for very excellent service. Therefore, the Golden Rule means service with a smiling face.

As a waiter or a server, modest pay and tips will help you get a great deal on your salary, with $20 every hour Times are adjustable and you can work with your colleagues for the joy.

If you are looking for an apartment near University of Manitoba, you can get in touch with The Arc Winnipeg. Apart from Characters and Entertainers, server, and Distribution Workers, you can join as Sales Assistant and Ski/Snowboard Instructor for holiday earnings.