InComm’s Cashless Payments to Sports & Entertainment Venues

InComm Payments, which is among the world’s top global payments technology companies, has launched a new service. The latter is designed to empower sporting and entertainment venues. Let’s discover more about this new solution and know how eMerchantBroker can help you grow your business with the payment processing services tailored to your own business needs.

InComm Brings Cashless Payments: eMerchantBroker

Atlanta-based InComm Payments has launched advanced end-to-end payment platforms and new financial technology services. Thanks to these solutions, businesses can further develop across a variety of industries such as retail, healthcare, tolling & transit, incentives, mobile payments, as well as financial services.

What’s more, now, the Jacksonville Jaguars organization of the National Football League lets consumers exchange cash for Visa- or MasterCard-branded prepaid cards. These can be used within the Jaguars’ stadium. Also, consumers can use them at merchants outside the venue.

Using this service, consumers can exchange cash for an open-loop gift card at the venue’s guest services office. Cardholders, having funds loaded to the card, can buy food, merchandise, etc. from vendors.

The growing need for advanced payment processing services makes it critical for merchants to use exceptional merchant processing solutions in the modern world of commerce. Thankfully, there are reputable payment experts like eMerchantBroker that can help you with reliable and cheap merchant processing services.

What InComm’s Cashless Payments Offer

Adam Brault, InComm Payments’ Senior Vice President, Financial Services, cashless payments ecosystems have been growing in popularity within the venues across the nation. Given major sporting events are again opening their doors in front of their fans, it’s more important than ever to find inclusive payment alternatives.

The number of stores switching to cashless shopping experiences is increasing worldwide, and the U.S. isn’t an exception. This trend can make millions of Americans get access to traditional credit card/ debit accounts, as InComm Payments’ Senior Vice President of Sales Tim Richardson notes. So, the new service offered by InComm Payments that enables sporting and entertainment venues to deliver a cashless payment experience to attendees is right to the point.

To wrap things up, InComm Payments, a U.S.-based leading payment technology company, has launched a new payment method that allows sports and entertainment venues to move to cashless payments ecosystems.

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